Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Al Franken won

The court has declared Al Franken the winner after lo these many months of testimony, arguments, counts, recounts and maneuvering. It appears to me that the public is strongly urging Coleman to accept the result and allow the candidate we elected to be seated as Minnesota's second senator. A little cooperation by our governor would help too.

In this day of commenting, blogging, twittering (whatever the heck that is, and don't even try to tell me), emails and networks, everyone's opinion is out there somewhere, and nearly every one of them would like to see their opinion as "the last word' on the subject. Many of the opinions are useless and irrelevant, as they reflect only that their writers are angry, illiterate, stupid or uninformed, or all of the above. How frustrating to have to plow through these rantings to find those comments you can click "like" on. It is tempting to add my own thoughts to these litanies until I note that what I'm reading is one of 282 posts, and I realize that I would do just as well throwing dishes against the wall and keeping my priceless prose and uncommon insights to myself. Ah, but I have a blog, so I can thoughtfully, candidly and insightfully put out my own opinion where someone might read it. Or not, as they choose.

No one will be surprised that I think Coleman should quit this expensive court battle. Strange how much people dislike and distrust lawyers until they find some who will take their money and battle windmills for them, no matter how meritless the cause. But this isn't about Norm Coleman, is it? He has no political future in Minnesota anymore anyway. No, this is about delaying the seating of the duly elected Democratic senator from Minnesota as long as possible. It's all part of the politics of "no". Will we ever get used to this crap and assume it is something we should expect? I hope not. Will the electorate remember this childish behavior by the Republican party at the next election? I certainly hope so.

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