Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Non-scientific personality tests

As I was growing up, my mother, the wise one to whom I still defer for advice, told me, "Ellen, you'll never be able to get by with anything. You are a person people will remember." I knew she was probably right, but I did a lot of things that I'm glad I did get by with. They were generally speaking rather fun. Perhaps, however, this little personality test I just did on Facebook is right after all. It says, in part:

". . . you are such an honest and true individual sometimes it is easy for others to move through life as if you are invisible to them, pushing you around and hurting you in ways they would never imagine doing to [other types of people]." Maybe I was invisible when I behaved in questionable ways, because I was thought of as honest and true. It's lovely to be thought of so nicely, but I really doubt I have ever been invisible.

But, for those of you reading this who might be concerned that you have pushed me around and hurt me in unimaginable ways, let me assure you, I don't remember any of it. This memory issue - perhaps not an issue, but yet another blessing.

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