Monday, April 20, 2009

Arizona is getting hot

It's time to go home to a place where even 42 degrees sounds good! Today it will hit 98 and the next two days 100 degrees. Next Monday I leave for Minnesota. I'm almost counting the hours. Warm in winter is nice; hot in spring is not. Green lawns in summer are nice; brown lawns and sand under very, very hot sun are not. God bless all of you who live in Arizona for welcoming me as a winter visitor. God bless all my friends in Minnesota for being there for me when I come back. I'm coming home!


  1. It was so fun to get your nice letter today! Thank you. We really enjoyed that home and are happy to know it is in good hands.
    You are the 4th owner, I'm pretty sure. We lived there from 02-07; Debbie and Terry Wear (you might still get mail for them?) and their two children lived there for 7 years before us. And the original owners were there the longest -- what? From 78-95, or something like that.
    Jami Fattaleh told me she met you, and that you were so kind to bring over the mail. She is wonderful.
    I read your post about the neighbors' shades, and I know just what you're talking about! The Philabaums to your right always keep them drawn, and the Cravens across the street are not in their front room much at all. Please tell them all hi for me before you go back to Minnesota, and have a great summer!


  2. Incidentally, I hope that though their shades are drawn, the neighbors have reached out to you. They are all wonderful people, and would do anything to help! Rob next door is an excellent handyman, and he and Lorrie both are good at keeping an eye on the neighborhood and knowing what is going on.

    Also, the handprints by the front door were the children of the Wears, who lived there before us! It makes me happy that you're nurturing that orange tree in the back.