Thursday, January 14, 2010

Filling your Prius at the Gas pump

I pulled up to wait for the pump at Costco behind a lady with a Prius. First she spent several minutes reading the instructions on the pump before deciding to run her card and take down the hose, which she pulled across the back of the car and inserted in what I assumed was the seldom needed gas tank opening on the other side of the car. Then she walked back to the pump to press the octane button, then back to pump the gas. At that point I moved over to the next pump and watched as the lady in front of me began making faces into her car window, sticking out her tongue and contorting her face for the amusement of ??? Perhaps a child, or a pet? I filled the tank and left, as the lady continued her happy entertainment. Aren't people fun to watch?

Now I'm home drinking my herbal cold remedy tea and looking forward to this evening's hot toddy - with lemon, brandy, water and honey. I'm going to milk this mild sinus flareup and sore throat for all it's worth.

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