Friday, December 18, 2009

My new friend, Mr. Hawk

The contest between the doves and my lawn continues, but last evening I heard a flutter of wings and glanced out the door to see a large hawk sitting on the fence. I did not see any doves. When the dogs chase them the doves perch on the wall and neighboring roof tops until we are diverted again. When Mr. Hawk visits, the doves disperse to far away places. One (I) might hope they would not return.

Alas, they have short memories. They are bird brains, after all. Today they are back, but at least once this morning I heard the rush of wings as they took off. Glancing outside, I noted the birds were out of sight. Mr. Hawk was not to be seen. My very own contest between the hawks and the doves. Who'd have thought I'd be rooting for the hawks?

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