Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Many things to ponder

As I today await the Sears TV repair crew to investigate why my TV can't find the cable signal that is attached to it and sits on the same TV stand with it (ok, maybe that's not relevant), I ponder. I've been in Phoenix less than a week, but some events have not turned out as I planned.

First, there was my church choice. I intended to attend a suburban parish, but half way through the service on Sunday, I looked around and thought, this is not the best place for me. People are friendly enough, but the congregation is a bit snazzy. Next Sunday I will attend The Cathedral downtown, where the congregation is more diverse and the atmosphere not quite so pristine. There are some rituals I've integrated into my worship that I miss in places where they are not common. We shall see.

Next, as I've mentioned before, the Vikings chose an unfortunate time to revert to haphazard and sloppy football playing. Enough said about that. I still enjoy being with my relatives most of the time.

Finally, being ever flexible, I'll be redirecting my spending priorities. There is that pesky leak in my roof that must be addressed, even though it leaks into the bathtub so harms nothing, and the yard is a major disaster area. Thus, the purchase of outdoor furniture and a grill will be postponed, I'm sure. I have changed much from the days when I bought whatever I wanted the minute I decided I wanted it. That was during the days when I charged everything because I had no money. Now that these purchases involve actually spending money immediately, and staying out of debt, it's a different story. I can get along without some things.

It's colder here in Phoenix before January than after. I remember visiting here in November many years ago. I was cold the whole time I was here. I'm thinking it would be better to come to Phoenix after Christmas. I can think of many reasons why that would work best, not the least of which is that I would be singing with St. Paul's in the annual Lessons and Carols event this coming Sunday. The down side of that schedule is today's expected 5-9 inches. Too late for this year, but I remain flexible.

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