Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bird Chasers?

My canine kids will scare up birds from their resting places in the bushes along our walk, but ask them to chase the flocks of doves now feasting on my newly sewn grass seed, and they have no idea what I'm talking about. Looking at me blankly and shrinking from any possibility of racing out the door after these avian invaders, I can't get them to understand that it's ok with me - even desirable - that they race out and chase them away. I know they would do that if they were already in the yard when the birds appeared, but it is not sunny and warm enough to entice them to stay out these days. Instead I stand at the corner of the house, arms crossed, feet comfortably planted in the stance of Mr. Clean (with hair) waiting to shoo them away. I'm now told that there is probably plenty of extra seed sown, so there should be seed left to in fact germinate. This assumes my dogs tearing around the yard don't totally mutilate the seedlings when and if they appear and the weather improves enough to encourage them to spend time out there in the sunshine.

Ok - I acknowledge that problems such as these are not a current concern for my friends in Minnesota, Iowa and parts north. Please know I sympathize with you - from afar.

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