Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Coming home and resolving to do better

To be welcomed home by subzero temperatures - talk about a cool reception. Minneapolis is among the coolest.

All is in place for me to fly away from sunny and warm to sunny and frigid on Saturday. The doves are pretty much finished with my yard, although they return still on a daily basis to clean up the leftovers. Heard a thump on the window yesterday and wandered out to check. As I gazed at the lawn and noted the absence of doves, a single feather floated down from above. A few other feathers scattered around the yard told the story. Ok, one down, several hundred to go. Perhaps Mr. Hawk should call in more troops - institute a surge, so to speak.

Plenty of food and warm, happy times with my family over Christmas. Next step to again plan how to improve myself in the coming year. After some 70 years of carefully kept New Year's Resolutions, there's not much left to improve upon. Perhaps I should confer with friends and see where improvement is still needed . . . Or perhaps not! Friends wouldn't be friends if they dwelt a lot on our faults.

Perhaps I should revisit previous resolutions and 'fess up to the many that I didn't "carefully keep". I did quit biting my nails a long time ago, and I have pretty much kept my weight down, but there's still the issue of using profanity that crops up now and then. Year after year the same resolution. I could just give up resolving, but then I'd have to admit I'm already perfect. No one likes to hear that - and no one believes it either.

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