Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I just realised that I like it

What is the difference between catsup and ketchup, besides that my dictionary attached to this Blog editor highlights the former version and says it's not a valid word. My mother always called it catsup, and I assumed that was the way the classy folks pronounced it. That other version, ketchup, was to me clearly a plebeian form, used only by the common folk - like me.

So, perhaps it was a sort of snobbery too that I always said I hate ketchup. I never eat at McDonald's in part because they have ketchup automatically slopped all over their disgusting, soggy, over rated burgers. I do rather like it with French Fries, which I seldom eat for self-explanatory dietary reasons.

So, hating ketchup as I do, I worried about what I would do with the leftover ketchup from my marinade recipe used at last Saturday's dinner party. Then last evening I had a true revelation. Finding that I had, as usual, badly overcooked my beef patty, a/k/a hamburger, I reached in some desperation for the leftover bottle of Heinz and squirted it on my meat. What to my wondering taste buds did I find? I liked it! Oh my goodness! Here I am nearly 71 years old, and I've just discovered that I actually like ketchup on hamburger.

What next, do you suppose? Will I suddenly discover that I also like turnips? Or broccoli? Or rutabagas? These are all vegetables as, I learned in the 1980's, is ketchup. My world expands! But I still refuse to eat at McDonald's.

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