Monday, November 23, 2009

Frivolous law suits?

"An Indian man is suing the makers of Axe body spray, claiming that in seven years of using the product he has yet to find a girlfriend. Vaibhav Bedi, 26, says that Axe's racy marketing campaign led him to believe the product had love-potion properties and is seeking around $40,000 in damages. 'The company cheated me,' said Bedi. 'It says women will be attracted to you if you use Axe. I used it for seven years but no girl came to me." The Week, November 13, 2009.

After reading this precious bit and laughing out loud, it occurred to me that perhaps we have something good going here. Other lawsuits one might imagine: Two close friends and/or sisters sue because they have been deprived of the bonding moment shown by the sisters/friends who share their experience with Osteoporosis. They seem so happy about it that everyone wants to have it.

Or, how about suing Jamie Lee Curtis because she insisted that you tell the world about your digestive issues, and even though you've eaten Activia for weeks, you still have bowel upsets?

I can envision a wife or girlfriend suing because she learned that her husband/boyfriend was taking Viagra, but did not sweep her off to a desert island retreat on his new motorcycle. She may suspect or have learned that he took someone else instead. But wait, I think that one has already been used.

Possibilities abound for folks who might think they should be able to weave through traffic, narrow roads or over rocks in their new vehicle because they saw this on TV. They could claim that the small print warning that these were professional drivers on closed courses was too hard to read or that "professional drivers" was not well defined, and they were sure their years of driving in and out of traffic lanes and other moving vehicles qualified them as professional too.

Possibly there is the man who sues because he has not had a four hour erection, even though he has been taking his Cialis daily and has spent hours sitting in a bath tub in the lake. He can claim the ad promised him this amazing experience, and he was fully prepared to seek medical care as soon as he had achieved this milestone.

Or perhaps there was the man who took Cialis, was "ready", but couldn't get out of the bathtub. That may be the most likely scenario of all.

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