Saturday, October 31, 2009

The mouse saga continues

After discovering the happy rodent in my home, I have been trying to address the problem in a logical fashion. I immediately purchased a couple of traps (they come two to a pack) and set them up with a generous smearing of peanut butter, offering what I hoped would be a pleasant last meal for the little creep. After the first night, the main trap showed signs of its having visited as half the tasty treat was gone. Evaporation would not explain that. Sadly, the visit had triggered no response from this modern trap.

Morning number two came and again the trap was in place, but this day it had no peanut butter left. Again, ruling out evaporation as the cause, I went to the store looking, as so many before me have done, for a better mousetrap. After much discussion, I decided to try the sticky trap.

The thought of the little creep stuck and dying in its attempt to get free from the sticky trap is disturbing, but I am coping by trying to ignore the closet where it has been set until Monday, when the exterminator arrives. I removed what I needed from that closet between now and then so that I don't have to open the door, and I put tape on the door so I would remember not to open it. I've heard that the mouse sometimes screams when it gets caught in these sticky traps, but I've heard nothing like that yet. I'm guessing that this savvy little creep has avoided getting caught, but I've not looked.

Frankly, I prefer the poison option, but the exterminator would like to see just what we're addressing here. With the poison option the little creeps get a tasty last meal and then go away and are never seen again. If they could invent something that would make them want to go back outdoors and never come back in again, that would be fine. It's not that I really want to kill them. I'm now taking bets on how long I can wait before I'm compelled to open the closet and check on the sticky trap.

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