Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Horrors

Perhaps it is my age. Ok, I know, I'm not that old, yet I'm finding the way Halloween is unfolding this year to be too scary and icky, and I'm wanting to find ways to avoid it. Cartoon pictures of disgusting people and stuff neither entertain nor fascinate me. Like the movie ads that TV forces upon us during commercial breaks, there's a lot of ugly stuff out there that I'd rather not see. Violence, blood, ugliness and horrifying images are not entertaining. I try to avoid nightmares. If children are not frightened by such images, then I fear for all of us, and if they are frightened, then why do we expose them to it. All right, go ahead. Tell me I'm an old fashioned party pooper. I prefer to think I'm carrying on the lovely traditions of Pollyanna, hoping that all is well in this best of all possible worlds. Thinking that through, perhaps I'll have to settle for a reasonable compromise between these two world visions. Let's just say with regard to horror, I get quite enough of that just reading the morning paper each day.

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