Thursday, September 3, 2009

Painting is work

Took a break from my painting project, which seems to be taking more work and time than I had anticipated. I went to the fair with my dog, Yo, to sit in the pet building booth and let people pet her, give her treats and ask me questions about her, which I graciously answered, I might add. I let them think she was a paragon of virtue, which she is, sometimes.

This painting job is wearing me down. I thought I had finished the dining room, only to see that there were hundreds, perhaps thousands, of places where the one coat had not covered everything well. As I pursued these seemingly endless spots with my brush at the ready, I wanted to grumble, or scream, or cry, but I just kept finding more. I've now stopped looking.

Looking closely at my accent wall, however, I realized I had "fixed" spots not fully painted by painting over them with a shinier version of the paint color. Oops! The reason for this repaint job is to cover the shiny spots created when I fixed some scuffs with a shiny version of the previous paint. I seem to be right back where I started from. There's a song about that somewhere, isn't there?

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