Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Alas! The Fair is over

Two visits to the Minnesota State Fair this year, and I feel I should have gone at least once more. The paper has been obsessed with the food opportunities there, but I was sated after just three indulgences at my first visit and after just two indulgences at my second. There seem to be hundreds of opportunities, but in order to truly appreciate these, one my age must return again and again. Even ruling out those offerings I wouldn't risk, or have risked in the past with less than satisfactory results, it would take weeks of visits to fully appreciate all the opportunities.

So, today, as I rather half heartedly began taping my entry way and fireplace so that I can complete my painting project, I found myself regretting that I did not get back to visit at least one more time. Oh yes, and there were a number of exhibits and events that I also missed. I guess that's the reason they do this over and over again, year after year, and it continues to break attendance records as the Great Minnesota Get Together. Next year I'm definitely going to visit at least three times, and I'm going to diet all year long in preparation. Ooops! Now I remember. All that dieting has shrunk my appetite. It may take more than three visits next year.

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