Monday, August 24, 2009

No cobwebs on the basement steps

It's hard to believe that I've lived in this house for 23 years this month, and this is the first time I have swept and washed the basement stairs. In fact I am looking at my home in a somewhat different way these days, as I have to watch for areas where cleaning is needed. It's not that I haven't always lived in a clean house, but that for over 40 years, I have depended on someone else to do it for me.

So today, just days since I finished the "big" cleaning that took about two and a half weeks to finish, it is time to vacuum and dust again. It was also time to take on the basement stairs. They don't look much better unless you can conjure up a picture of them with cobwebs and dust accumulated at the edges of every one of them. I found it very gratifying to dump the mop bucket and watch the filthy dirty water wash down the drain. Perhaps that's the reward for the work -- that, and the fact that I can once again walk barefoot in my own home.


  1. Pouring out the dirty water, listening to junk getting sucked up the vacuum, filling the garbage - those are all very satisfying parts of cleaning for me.
    I have always found cleaning to be very relaxing. It has an outcome that makes one feel good.

  2. You are soo right! Unfortunately, my compulsiveness takes some of the satisfaction away. Just this morning I turned on the fan and found it was blowing dust all over me. It hasn't been cool for that long, has it?

  3. It doesn't seem like it... It is so hard to keep things straight when my routine is messed up. I do remember we were running our air conditioner for a bit yesterday though and it seemed it had set quietly for a bit.