Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Loose ends & Future plans

For those of you (if any) who have been wondering what I would be doing about my shiny spotted dining room and living room walls, you shall be in suspense no longer. I will be repainting them, and I am today going to make the final paint decision and purchase the paint. (see Dilemna, below) In the interest of sharing every boring tidbit of my mundane life, I shall, after the transformation and in true HGTV style, publish these shots here on my blog. Such a momentous event should not go un-promoted.

September is coming way sooner than expected. We usually expect September to arrive after interminable weeks of hot, muggy weather which prepare us to appreciate the cool fall days that begin in September. This year has been an exception, as we have had comfortable days for much of the summer with only a few days that hinted of real summer. Some folks have regretted this unprecedented comfort. I am not one of these. Still, I look forward to September.

In September I will resume my dog training, but I will not resume showing my pretty Lily in the breed ring. Life continues, and we move on to other things. I shall also repaint my living room and dining room, or did I already mention that? Outings in September? Of course! I think some drives to enjoy the fall color and pleasant lunches in beautiful Minnesota places should be high on the list of things a senior citizen should do before she's too feeble to do them without a personal care assistant. No, I don't think feebleness is imminent, but it's never too soon to use its potential onset as an excuse to do things one loves to do.

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