Saturday, August 8, 2009

Learning about plants

My first foray into adult learning at the Arboretum today went well. I may even have actually absorbed some new information. At least it seemed that way when we walked around the gardens after the slide presentation and lecture. We'll see how much I retain as time goes on.

Almost missed the garden tour portion of the class as I was delayed in the rest room and the class was out of sight when I emerged. Couldn't see the class and seemed to be in the middle of a group of "families" with screaming and running children instead. I momentarily feared my first attempt at a learning experience was to end negatively, but soon spotted my group and charged purposefully after them.

Learned about gayfeathers, sea lavender, naked lady/autumn lily), lungwort (once thought to cure lung disease) and naked man. Learned that sometimes hybrids evolve from nature, as plants sometimes cross breed/fertilize and new species develop of which we do not know the parentage. A really racy course, as you can tell.

There was a brief joking reference to the value of baneberries in situations where the children didn't quiet down and stop racing the halls. Sound harsh? The temptation could arise should one be exposed to such noise and annoyance for long periods of time. Actually, I jest, surely. Baneberries are, I understand, poisonous. Perhaps just a warning/a little mumbling under one's breath?

Probably should not joke about such things in these troubled times. Some people are not joking, and that becomes a tragedy.

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