Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ellen's twisted string circus

It is possible to walk three dogs at the same time on flexi-leads, but it is not particularly dignified to do so. If they were to all walk together in an obedient grouping by my side, I could look pretty cool. If they were to all walk out in front of me in a relatively orderly manner, I could look somewhat cool. But, in fact, they run in circles, sometimes in different directions and at differing speeds. I do not look cool. The kindest description would be that I look a bit silly. That is when the only glitch in the system involves unwinding and untying the twisting ropes. The real truth is that I look ridiculous, and sometimes I get a rope burn on the backs of my bare legs as one or another of the three run around behind me. It could be worse. I could trip over the ropes or a dog or over a bump in the sidewalk. That would look even worse than ridiculous and could, potentially, hurt much worse than a rope burn.

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