Monday, July 13, 2009

Robbinsdale fireworks

Now that I no longer have that pesky, view-obstructing maple tree in my back yard, I had a nice, relatively unimpeded view of last evening's Robbinsdale fireworks from the upstairs deck outside my bedroom. These happen every year as the grand conclusion to our annual Whiz Bang Days. They really were quite spectacular and I would have applauded if I had been properly dressed and not sitting there in the dark in my rather skimpy sleep outfit. One does not call attention to oneself in an outfit like that, at least not if one has a sense of modesty or is of a certain age or both.

I almost attended the Whiz Bang Days event/s this year, but somehow didn't get around to it. I did, however, hear some of the alleged music and a lot of honking and sirens which I assume were part of the parade. A nice small town parade, perhaps like Odebolt Creek Days, but without the huge tractors and farm equipment. At least I don't think they had tractors in our parade. Maybe I should take it in next year and find out for sure. I may be missing a nostalgic experience.

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