Friday, July 17, 2009

Lovely Fall Weather

Emptied, cleaned and refilled my backyard waterfall-pond today. It's a task I do at least twice a year, in spring and fall, so it must be fall? Actually, I do it more often than that, but as we locals know, today feels like fall. I'm OK with that. I get a lot done in the fall. The cooler season energizes me. So, you may ask, why do you leave town for the winter? I have no answer for that. It would seem to be entirely against my nature.

Reminded of my Phoenix house by a call from the security service this week, I realized that, if it had been broken into and something stolen (like the TV, which is really the only thing anyone would want to steal), I really wouldn't care. I thought, "well heck, Mildred, my aunt, will just be delighted that we can start shopping to refurnish the house." No break in, however. Just a huge storm that apparently blew open the back door to the patio area. Don't think about storms in Phoenix, but this is their monsoon season.

Got everything worked out as I waited at the Vet's office for Vickie to wake up from her sedative induced sleep. Had to do that to dress her ear where her granddaughter had disciplined her a bit harshly. Granddaughter, Yo, thinks she is doing me a favor because she knows I don't like Vickie to race barking outside whenever the neighbors are in their yard. What she doesn't quite understand is that I don't like it when she does that either, and I especially don't like her disciplining Vickie or anyone else around here on my behalf.

So now, after completing my waterfall project, I go to Home Depot to get boards for the fence that will block out our view into the neighbors' back yard. I'm hoping this will provide me with much quieter evenings and more peaceful interactions between Yo and her grandmother. We shall see.

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