Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Scapegoat for violence

The Week: June 5, 2009, Best Columns: Europe - Germany. Sad to know that politicians are apparently the same all over. Commentary by Michael Thalken of Kolner Stadt-Anzeiger (Scott will translate this?) After a killing spree at a high school, the government apparently decided to "take action to prevent school shootings" by banning paintball games. It seems the shooter loved paintball and the officials thought it probably "lowered his inhibitions against doing violence." Public outcry caused them to can this idea, and, indeed, to drop the whole idea of taking action. Commentator Thalken suggested the politicians might invest in more counselors and better outreach for troubled kids, but then noted, that would be expensive, time consuming and "wouldn't make a splash with the media." And this from a somewhat more socialistic country than the U.S. of A. Is there any hope for practical, caring and effective programs anywhere?

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