Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rethinking gray

Silver threads among the gold. Ok, so maybe I am getting a little gray. I noticed this morning that my silver hair can be very shiny and even kind of pretty. Also noticed in a Star Tribune ad featuring a number of recent high school graduates that all of the girls, who were uniformly beautiful, had long, flowing hair. Good thing I'm waaaay past high school graduation age. I never, ever looked good in long hair. I was never beautiful either, at least not in a traditional way.


  1. Yay for gray! Glad you wrote this.

    When my mom stopped coloring her hair, the silver of her gray struck me as so beautiful amongst the black of the rest; now it's almost all silver and gray, and I can't imagine it not. (I'm thankful for those genes and her coloring - wouldn't want her mom's yellowed grayness e v e r.) Mine are making more frequent appearances of late, and I'm viewing them as free highlights.

  2. Good thoughts! Free highlights. Of course, yellowed grayness can be attacked with bluing - remember all the blue haired ladies of the past?