Monday, June 22, 2009

Low Expectations

As I was slicing my tomato to add to my small chicken breast sandwich this evening, I noticed that among the pieces of tomato that I ate for supper last evening was a little of that paper label they put on the bottom of the tomato at the grocery store. I remember now that I thought the skin was a bit tough chewing last evening. I further remember that I just assumed, since I am dieting (yes, again) that it was part of the mundane food fare that is part of the current diet. As a dieter, I seem to have very low expectations of the pleasure of my meal. No wonder it is hard to stay on these plans. Yet, I am committed.


  1. On the other hand, just a few short weeks until we can gorge on the best tomatoes (and peaches and melon and and and) that it's possible to eat. Small comfort? In the meantime, there's always Liberty Frozen Custard. Tonight it's Butterfinger Blast.

  2. I so envy you. Unfortunately, this delightful treat is not on the Nutrisystems list of fine dining options.