Monday, June 22, 2009

The end of an era

I have sold my top of the line, all the bells and whistles, roomy, efficient, refined and lovely 30 foot RV. I'm still "dreaming" about it; that is, I waken in the wee hours of the morning and, in my semi conscious state, am worrying about how to get around in it, where to park it and whether I've knocked something over with it, such as a brick fence.

My most memorable and embarrassing experience in my RV era came the time I pulled out of a gas station too fast and spilled my holding tanks all over the streets of Rochester. I still duck my head in embarrassment and apology whenever I drive through that town. Fortunately, I also had many good times in my RV travels.

I now look forward to worry free travel. Well, not exactly worry free, as it takes planning to locate and take advantage of pet welcoming motels along the route between Minneapolis and Phoenix. My former RV will now be carrying Bostons and bulldogs from Omaha to successful showings around the country. I will be carrying Bostons less often and to places closer to home. A happy ending for all of us.

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