Monday, June 8, 2009

Another stupid health warning

Oh for heaven's sake! Our reusable shopping bags may harbor bacteria. Wow! What a surprise! Everything in the world may harbor bacteria, and we apparently should be concerned about our reusable shopping bags. I scanned the article to learn that, should you allow your food to rot and develop mold or allow unwrapped or sloppily wrapped raw meat sit in your shopping bag, it may leave bacteria which might be harmful. Well, as the kids say, "Duh." Did any of you out there not know that letting mold grow or perishable food rot in your shopping bag could result in harmful bacteria. At the very least we must realize that it would be "icky". And stink! Shouldn't that be enough to tell us to wash it or throw it away? Surely, this is not a necessary warning about using reusable shopping bags.

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