Thursday, May 14, 2009

They're back

Two years ago, while waiting for my new puppies to arrive, I enjoyed watching the progress of a pair of robins who had made a nest under the floor of my upstairs balcony. After they and their progeny had flown the nest, I took it down and was glad not to see them there last summer. This year, they're back.

When I returned home on May 1st, I specifically checked and was pleased to see nothing in the way of a nest. Yesterday, however, I glanced up and, what do you know, the nest is back, and mother is snuggled down with that familiar sense of purpose. So, we're in the hatching business here again. The previous robin nesting produced two . . . (broods?) (They're not called litters are they?) That is to say, they hatched one batch, got them off and flying, and next thing I see, they're at it again, sitting on the nest, I mean. Proliferating and sending off two nest fulls into the world.

They have no idea how much less safe my yard is for them this year. I have two of the pups that were incubating two years ago, and these two are real devils. I chatted briefly with Mr. Robin yesterday and promised I'd protect his offspring. He seemed to understand as he cocked his head and looked at me - skeptically? I shall have to watch closely to protect the little creatures when they hatch and are about to fly. It should be an interesting summer.

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