Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summer garden phase 1

Tomorrow my new tree arrives, but today I headed out, in spite of the cold wind and my sense that fall is already here, and bought a few new perennials to replace those that didn't make it through the winter. I shall confess here that I don't know as much about gardening as, say, my parents did. Probably not as much as most anybody, but I have managed to produce blooming lilies. Actually, that's not true either. The blooming lilies were given to me by my father some years ago. They seem to thrive no matter what I do.

Yesterday I cleaned the pond and started the waterfall. That's a lot of work, but is worth it. I'm sure my robins are delighted to have the fresh water near by as they carry out their hatching rituals.

As I was perusing the various offerings at the local nursery, I read that the begonias which, having been pushed a little, are already blooming beautifully were labeled "Habit: Mounding". Hesitating, I asked myself if I really wanted plants "mounding" around in my back yard. Still, they do look quite pretty there at the moment. I shall watch their behavior very, very closely.

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