Monday, March 16, 2009

Journal notes

Retirement is a time when one is supposed to take life easy. I have the notion that one should not feel guilty when retired just because we're not being productive. Our days are not supposed to be structured, and we're supposedly free of responsibilities.

Sometimes, I have to say, this notion is just not real. One cannot spend 40 years or so working at being productive in the world, to then simply chuck it all for lounging, spacing out, reading books and doing puzzles to keep one's mind active. I think I can live with not making the world a better place, although just saying that triggers a kaleidoscope of images of places and people in need, and a tug at my nearly buried sense of duty.

Today I'm energized, but not by the prospect of doing good works. No, in my truly self centered and irresponsible self, I'm excited that I'm going to have a house guest this week, and that we're going to go to a baseball game and the Botanical Gardens. Is there charity in that? I hope so, 'cause it's as close to charity as I've gotten for months.

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