Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Daily life in Phoenix

No one in my neighborhood here in Phoenix, except me, opens their shades, not even in the day time. This is so different from my Minnesota home, where some of my neighbors never pull their shades or curtains. Other neighbors there at least open the curtains during the day. How else can you keep track of the neighborhood happenings? Here, everyone is so closed in that a gang of thieves could make off with the furnishings right next door, and no one would notice. So how smart was I to accept the free installation of a security system?

This morning I went out for a paper and was amused at returning to the sight of my "kids" all lined up on the sofa watching out the window for my car. They are so pretty - my symphony in black and white. And so much more interesting than the sight of closed shades and curtains up and down the streets. I'd get claustrophobic not being able to see out.

Spotted an odd news item in the Arizona Republic. It seems a garbage worker fell into the truck and was killed - that's sad and unusual; however, I wondered a little that they are now investigating the incident to determine if any health standards were violated. I suppose it is self evident that some safety standards were ignored. Perhaps, however, the worker was also exposed to e coli or salmonella? That could be really serious.

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