Friday, March 13, 2009

Dog fight again

Adrenaline rush and not fun. I type for a time with a large gauze wrapping on my left little finger. A free-for-all after a crabby exchange between the young one and one of the old ones. The pack senses a brawl, and what dog doesn't love a brawl? It's so much fun to attack the old dog in the pack, a girl who has been bossy all her life, but is now vulnerable and easy to gang up on. Another reminder that dogs are pack animals and are really descended from wolves. Even Boston Terriers, it seems. Only one with much injury is me, caught trying to seperate the growling little beasts. By the time I'd settled the issue, I was so winded it took me several minutes to stop gasping for breath.

Now, I'm adapting my typing as typing with my left little finger wrAPPEd in much tape and gauze results in unexpected cAPS LOCKS PRETTY MUCH EVERY TIME YOU HIT THE A key. Slows one down to keep fixing this. So frustrating! The fight particularly - I need to keep the old ones safe.


  1. Well, I can see that you have at least one book in you! Besides being a wonderful writer, you have a (many, probably) real story to tell. I'm hooked!

  2. You are too kind. I do think I could get into this and enjoy it.