Sunday, February 21, 2010

I never get sick - really, I never do.

Well, maybe once every twenty years or so I get a little touch of something. Yesterday, I had ample opportunity to moan and whine and wallow in self pity. I even had house guests on hand to commiserate and assure me that my instinct to simply sleep all day was appropriate. But was that any way to treat my brother, Gerrit, and his wife, Julie? Not very entertaining, but they didn't seem to mind.

It seems this must have been a 24 hour bug, as it ended abruptly in the middle of last night about the same time as it had started, also abruptly, the night before. Today I'm normal again, although I'm willing to use my recent experience as an excuse to take it easy.

Gerrit and Julie have left for home now, and I'm wishing them a safe trip and being thankful that they came to visit me. We had a good time, in spite of this little interruption. I'm assuming now I should be good for another twenty years.

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