Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dog: God spelled backwards

There's a Facebook group entitled something like "I'm a Christian." I joined this group with some reluctance. Unfortunately too many people these days who call themselves Christians don't act like it. My comment: "My God is a God of love. What about you?"

This week two of my friends unexpectedly lost their 6 year old Viszla to a rare form of leukemia. His time was too short, and the pain of his loss is, I know, intense. I deeply sympathize with them, as do many others who commented on their facebook pages. From their comments it is clear that they did all the right things to give their "boy" a loving farewell and a peaceful end. That will be a comfort for them always.

This week I learned that my old Bertie, age 13 1/2, has a growth that is squeezing his colon, and there is nothing that can be done to prevent his quality of life from deteriorating too quickly. I know his days are numbered, but, of course, I've known that ever since he turned 13 - or more generally since the day he was born. The number of days is, though still unknown, a smaller number than I would hope for - but then that's always the case too, isn't it?

I now have some time to cuddle him, pet him, feed him healthy food, walk him by many extremely interesting trees and posts (his sense of smell is definitely not impaired), and generally appreciate him. That's the advantage of time and a warning.

Luckily, there are several other dogs in my household to comfort me and share the sadness. Some folks are "nearer to God in their gardens." I am, fortunately I believe, nearer to God with my dogs. And God is Love. With my dogs, I'm surrounded by love.

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