Friday, January 8, 2010

The winter of 2010 is hell!

Actually, it's not bad if you happen to be in southern Arizona or southern California. Everywhere else seems to be confronting a major character-building experience this year.

Sharing a little (very little) of the pain of my fellow Minnesotans, I spent four days in Minneapolis in the subzero cold. At first I remembered how one just accepted what could not be changed and found ways to see it as "tolerable" or "survivable". And, of course, it is a dry cold, which like the Arizona heat in summer, is not as bad. That lasted until about my third necessary trip away from my toasty warm gas fireplace and home. At that point I remembered with startling clarity why I have a second home in Phoenix. Now, I'm back in the comfort of snowlessness and above freezing temperatures and have no intention of leaving here again until spring.

I do, however, continue to think sympathetically of my friends from Minnesota and other places as the whole country seems to be suffering from this winter's cold infusion. I personally believe that climate change issues probably have an impact on this unusual and unpleasant phenomenon, but I'm no expert. Just wondering why these cold masses are escaping from the Arctic circle into so many regions of the world, as described in the paper this morning. What formerly kept them up north where they belong and is now no longer doing so? Somebody's got some 'splaining to do, if you ask me.

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  1. I agree. I think I have been using a lot of coping speech to get me through this cold weather. But really I have spent some energy dressing warmer and I really think it has made all the difference.
    Wool sweaters are worn very often and an ugly hat if completely necessary. (I am trying to remedy that!)
    Sorry we missed seeing you while you were here.
    Take care and see you in a few months!