Friday, January 29, 2010

Blog hiatus

I seem to have taken an unannounced hiatus from writing this irrelevant occasional account of life as I see it. No excuses, really. I just developed inertia, or, perhaps, a paucity of inspiration - although that has seldom prevented me from blathering on about myself in the past. Scanning my consciousness for inspiration, I look at subjects like politics, or dogs, or me.

I'm tired of politics and have concluded that, other than continually sending money, which I'm constantly being asked to do, there is really nothing I can do to affect public policy decisions - at least nothing that I'm willing to expend my energy doing. My Aunt Mildred, I know, regularly calls the offices of her U.S. Senators (McCain and Kyl - conservatives) and advises them of the positions they should be taking and things they should be doing to make good things happen for the people of Arizona. I could do that, but, luckily for me, my U.S. Senators, Klobuchar and Franken, are doing pretty much what I voted for them to do. Nor can I fault my U.S. Representative, Keith Ellison. All that's left for me is to scream and howl at the TV screen when Representative Boehnhead or Bachmaniac or Senator McComical or the like natter on about why they should continue to do nothing for the people because every idea proposed by Obama is useless or wrongheaded or too liberal or too expensive. I thought things like helping people get jobs and giving tax credits for small businesses were among the things the conservatives claimed should be addressed. What do I know?

More personally, I am enjoying getting to know the very welcoming and pleasant choir members at Trinity Cathedral and, just as happily, I'm enjoying singing with Erik Goldstrom, our new music director/organist, etc. Many years singing in Episcopal church choirs have introduced me to most of the music we're working on, easing my self-consciousness at singing with people I don't know very well. Luckily too, I did not lose my voice a week after arriving here, as I did last year. I also await news of the hiring of a new music director at St. Paul's in Minneapolis.

The weather in my southern home has been cooler than it was last year, with a week of clouds and rain, even storms, just recently. This is good, as rain is always needed here in the desert, and not so good, as I had hoped to lie in my outdoor chaise for long hours enjoying the sunshine and warmth and laughing at the dogs chasing each other around the yard - but that will come.

In about three months I will be home again to a, hopefully, glorious and, certainly, welcome spring. Meanwhile, I think with sympathy of my friends enduring the awful cold and snow and ice. The brightest news I have from home is that my dear friend is home from surgery and rehab for her hip replacement and is looking forward to a less painful and more normal day to day life. The Lord works through strong wills and healing hands.

Other than one small outbreak of aggression and a couple of possibly pulled muscles, all of my Bostons are doing fine. My Vickie, aged 10, has had some left rear and right front leg muscle "cramps" - at least that's what they seemed to be. One morning I found her trying to walk on her left front and right rear legs only. It was sad and a little amusing. Yoyo, whose eyes tell me she's sorry, but . . ., initiated another aggressive attack on my Princess, so my attempt to create a more open, normal life was quashed. If she could talk, I know Yo would say, "I'm sorry, Mom, but I just don't like her." And Princess would say, "Keep that bitch away from me. She terrifies me." So we adjust and all is peaceful again.

Politics, dogs and me - with gratitude for my friends and relatives who keep my life worthwhile. Perhaps a hiatus is not a bad idea now and then.

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  1. You can't force it, it will just come out. Writing on your blog - that is.

    I am looking forward to the warm-up into the teens this weekend. Then more snow is forcast for Monday.

    I can't believe that Monday is the beginning of February. The months just seem to be flying by but this winter seems to have lasted a long time.

    Glad to hear you have found another nice choir. We look forward to having you back in a few months.