Thursday, September 17, 2009

Time passing

Here it is the 17th of September - less than two and a half months, and I will be headed southwest to hide from the evil winter winds. It remains beautiful in Minnesota, with temperatures moderating from the lower 80's to the mid 70's. Trees are turning color, but leaves are dropping quickly due to our drought conditions.

Today I renewed my drivers' license, not waiting as I did in 2005 until the very last minute. Very pleasant public servant clarified that in Minnesota it's okay to smile for your picture. We agreed that, should we be stopped by an officer, we'd be smiling at him/her when he/she came to the window - an anxious smile, perhaps, but a smile nevertheless. I'm sure the officer would recognize me as the person in the license picture, if I'm smiling. If not, I suppose I might be asked to smile for the comparison. Anyway, the picture looks more like me than the one taken in 2005, and I told the truth about my weight this time. First time in many years. Also failed the eye exam, so from now on the glasses I already always wear when driving are mandated. Ah well, I held out for a long time on that.

Choir last evening kept me up late. Actually, it wasn't the choir that ran late; it was the after choir drink and snack and visit with friends. The time with friends must not be cut short, as it is very important time indeed. Life continues to be good.

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