Monday, September 28, 2009

I knew it; I just knew it!

Back in June I wrote an unnecessarily detailed account of my experience with our Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Act at work. I had endured an hour and a half of sedate - very, very sedate - travel for a few miles north of Faribault on I-35. I noted then that there would surely be more of this, as this area near Faribault was not the most needy section of Interstate 35. That, I noted, would be from Albert Lea to just north of the rest stop, going north. (Technically, that should have said "just north of Albert Lea to the next rest stop, but why be picky about that now?) That highway section had one enduring a regular thunk, thunk, thunk, of speed bump-like pavement. I didn't want to be a victim of the Economic Recovery and Reconstruction Act again, and subsequently modified travel plans through the area - until this weekend. Time passes; I forget.

As it happens, I predicted correctly. Delighted as I am that these repairs are being made, the most pleasant surprise was that there were no delays this trip. That's probably because I was there on Saturday and Sunday. I had a smooth and pleasant trip with the promise that next time I'm coming through that patch of highway, the thunk, thunk, speed bump-like condition will have been eliminated. Hurray for the Economic Recovery and Reconstruction Act! Oddly, however, there was no sign advising that this was the product of the "Act", nor even an acknowledgment that this is the next generation's tax dollars at work.

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