Monday, August 3, 2009

So, How's your summer?

My cousin in Phoenix mentioned that she was looking forward to her swim. Temperature there was 115. Here we were in the high 70's. Hard to imagine living there year round, but some folks do.

These cool days fuel my relatively moderate ambition, including a desire to clean my house. This is the thorough, compulsive cleaning that moves furniture and things on shelves to vacuum and dust behind and beneath. So satisfying when it's finished. It meant that I cleaned the bathroom, including a hands and knees scrubbing of the floor. Wash down the walls, move out the cabinets, etc. Suddenly, as I was brushing my teeth yesterday morning, I glanced down at my bathroom cabinet and saw a streak of something on the side of the cabinet. Being on a tight schedule, I skipped my flossing and grabbed the sponge and towel to wipe this down. It's what we compulsive people do.

We have sidewalks again in my neighborhood. That stuff dries so fast there was no chance to put a dog paw print in it. Probably I wouldn't have done it anyway, but probably it's also a good thing there was no real chance of getting by with it. The inner child never leaves.

The beeping is constant today as they are smoothing out the grassy areas to receive the new sod and preparing the roadway for the return of asphalt streets. Progress is being made, slowly but surely. And here it is August already.

As our temperatures continue to be moderate, I have the energy to clean the house, am saving money with open windows instead of air conditioning and walking the dogs for regular exercise. Life continues to be very, very good.

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