Saturday, July 18, 2009

The fence

Good fences make good neighbors, I think. That, as I recall, is a wise old adage. My fence is one of those offset things which allows for peaking through the slats, which had become a source of constant anxiety in my otherwise tranquil home. The neighbors, you see, have a large black Labrador, who is a sweet dog by nature, but who will naturally react to yipping, snarling attacks from my vicious sounding population. I too have been reacting to the yipping, snarling attacks, which has not, unfortunately, mitigated them.

So I have now patched my fence so that the dogs can no longer see into the neighbors' yard. It has been amusing to watch as, upon perceiving they have heard something indicating activity in the yard next door, my dogs have rushed in their usual mad fashion out into the yard. The puzzlement and anxiety on their faces as they realize the view has changed is almost funny. I am now counting the events before they fully realize that the days of wild frenzy might as well be over. What you can't see won't hurt you or anyone else. May we have many days and evenings of peace and quiet, except, of course, for their harmless and entertaining zooming around the yard, playing with each other. Hope again springs forth that this mad pack of wolf descendants will be manageable.

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