Monday, June 1, 2009

Blog posts

My favorite "friend" blog site is being shut down. I shall miss it. It was both my inspiration and my source of concern as I considered and finally set up my own site. I enjoyed reading Scott's blog, but feared that I could not be as entertaining at this sort of thing as someone so much younger than I - about 30 years - and a college student with a sharp mind at that. I do now realize that what I do has some amusement value at times too.

The thing I'm realizing about this blogging thing is that I find almost everything I do or see is now being sorted through my brain for it's blog value. Should I write about my klutzy propensities, mentioning, for example, that I crashed into the clasp on the hand bell case in church yesterday and nearly screamed in pain. This klutzy act having been topped this morning when I opened the closet door on to my foot, leaving a space too narrow to safely access the closet itself. This, in turn, caused me to bang my head on the door as I reached into the closet. That's the klutzy behavior that takes actual talent to accomplish, and reminds me of the time I opened the car door and, as I was getting into the car, bounced my head a couple times off the door and the car roof - apparently because I hadn't opened the door far enough to get into the car safely. Ok, so now I've written about that, and I occasionally wonder that I've survived without more significant brain damage for so many years.

Now, where was I? Ah, yes, I'm now reconciled to the fact that I will write as I write, and will try to avoid boring. I think it's healthy to pay attention to the mundane and trivial in one's daily life, perhaps to find something that can be amusingly expounded upon. Or not!


  1. Thanks for the nice words, Ellen. I miss my blog, too. I realized today just how much my brain has become partitioned into blog zones over the last two years. I had to stop myself constantly as I went about my day today, forgetting that these little moments I wanted to remember wouldn't be finding their way into my blog. Either my brain will turn to complete mush or I'll become incredibly productive.

  2. I have done the very same thing with the car door. Kind of funny but painful at the same time.
    Hope your ankle is better after the bell case bit it. See you Wednesday!