Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ad discussion

As part of our far ranging discussion today my friends and I expressed universal confusion as to the purpose of bathtubs by the lake, in the woods or just sitting outside in places that make no sense. Did the folks in the ad feel compelled to bring bathtubs outdoors for some reason relating to their new found ability to copulate easily and, I presume, frequently? Seems dangerous to me, as it is probably not hard to throw one's back out dragging large objects through small doorways and carefully setting them up side by side on the beach. How better to kill that newly found ability to maintain erections?

I have occasionally thought about and contrasted the ads for prescriptions that will aid "the misters" in their quest to create and maintain a happy marriage, assuming that is their primary role in that endeavor. It is my simple opinion, based on experience from long, long, long ago, that the "V" ads are more persuasive. They have that grrrr factor, while the cozy little hand stroking and insipid smile effected by the "C" product do little or nothing to create the image of highly exciting experiences. But then, what do I know? I've never been married - nor in a long term relationship of such a type either, for that matter. Perhaps my inability to respond to the mooning look and the excitement of sitting side by side in a bathtub outdoors is the explanation for many years of spinsterhood. Or perhaps it has nothing whatever to do with it.


  1. On the other, um, hand, the K-Y for Her commercials leave no room for doubt as to the product's efficacy. Hmmm.

  2. I haven't seen the bathtub commercial, presumably because I live in Central Pennsylvania. But your commentary is far better than the commercial, of that I am certain.