Saturday, May 9, 2009

Re-adapting to Minnesota

Home a week and still getting back into the Minnesota groove. I am not used to weather being a significant topic of conversation. In Phoenix the reports consist of daily predictions of sunshine, with occasional clouds, and temperatures measured against whether they are a few degrees above or below average. But really, what difference does it make if the temperature is 82 degrees rather than the "normal" 76 degrees? It hardly warrants paying a meteorologist to rush side to side pointing things out on his electronic maps to obtain this information.

Here, as I check out at the grocery store, the clerk asks, "Isn't the weather beautiful?" And notes that she plans to step outside awhile to enjoy the weather in the upper 60's with light cloud cover. I'm out of the habit of thinking of the weather, so I am slow in responding. Of course, 68 degrees is beautiful in May here in Minnesota.

I keep also finding that I see things that seem to have changed slightly, such as a corner by the church that looks more bare than last time I saw it, or a home up the street that seems to be missing a tree. Yet, try as I might, I don't remember what it looked like before, just that it seems different. Priding myself, as I always have, in noticing details, I was caught off guard at the home of friends when they pointed out that they had painted the family room. I mumbled a little, as I hated to admit that I hadn't noticed - not even noticed a difference. It must be because I was just so glad to see and visit with them that I failed to take in the surroundings.

In Phoenix, as I mentioned before in this space, I learned that I did not need to rush through breakfast to tackle a day full of projects, errands and events. This has created a calmer me. Here, however, there is danger of falling back into old habits, as I have many more projects, needs, activities and events to address. I'm learning to procrastinate, or, shall we say, space things out in a more orderly order.

So here's to staying calm and enjoying the variations in weather that make a 68 degree day with light clouds and slight breeze so special. Here's to being a Minnesotan again.

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