Wednesday, April 8, 2009


A haircut costing $55 is way out of line! I'm thinking it had better last more than twice as long as the ones I get at home, as it really doesn't look that much different. The warning signs were obvious when I opened the door. I should have taken them seriously. It was a place with trendy, modern looking furnishings, but not a tool of the trade in sight. Old fashioned beauty parlors could be so messy, with bottles, sprays, combs, hair dryers, scissors, etc. lying about. The place was also empty of customers, although there was a meeting going on where a few young, hip and trendy looking people sat around looking bored and shuffling through some papers. As the pretty little girl (Hey! She was young, pretty and short) was tenderly snipping a few hairs at a time and much time was passing as she did so, I knew I was in for sticker shock when I checked out. She did giggle some at my attempted witticisms, but not enough to justify $55. And she agreed that I am not as gray as her mother, who is 40. I was glad she didn't compare me to her grandmother. I tried to convince myself that this was some kind of pampering, and that I should enjoy it. It didn't work.

I do look better than I did before the haircut, but I'll also look better after the next haircut I'll get, which will cost about $24 back in Minneapolis and take half the time. Next winter I'll have to find a cheaper hair cutter, or, perhaps, just let it grow.

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